AGE Update Log (April 2018)


  1. Depth bug solved by drawing all solids from the overlay object
  2. Sea room started: sea creature added, sea effects added
  3. Waypoint bug solved
  4. Room water borders enhanced
  5. Combat timing improvements
  6. Ship combat started
  7. Vertical direction sprite for ship created
  8. Started cooking skill


  1. Enemy transports implemented
  2. Water enemies implemented for all room types
  3. Air and water movement implemented
  4. Farming skill started
  5. Smithing skill started
  6. Crew shared-skill stats added
  7. Farmhouse status features added
  8. Treasures maps started


  1. Cave generation implemented
  2. Fog foreground implemented using layers
  3. Placeholder sprites added for walkways, various combat effects, and dungeon creatures/boss
  4. Dungeon boss mechanics started
  5. Water reflections started


  1. Finished dungeon boss
  2. Fixed cave activation
  3. Character creation started
  4. Crew animations restarted
  5. Road (walkway) object added
  6. Item equipping started
  7. Various NPCs added w/ dialogue
  8. Air balloon transport added
  9. Keyboard input added
  10. Home island generator started
  11. Water reflections updated extensively
  12. Various resources, structures, and scenery objects added
  13. Weather reimplemented (disregarding new depth bug)


  1. Biome variety started
  2. Initial mission started
  3. Dialogue display updated
  4. Room mapping objects added
  5. First custom island updated using new mapping objects


  1. Load screen story added
  2. Crew combat ability updates
  3. Updated dialogue system to accommodate more than 2 characters
  4. Rain ambience added


  1. AI vs AI combat implemented
  2. Mini-boss implemented (ID24)
  3. Ability bar updates


  1. AI combat updated
  2. Starting mission updated
  3. Firefight event started
  4. AI tracking updated to prevent overlapping idle positions
  5. Second main boss (ID23) implemented
  6. Various enemies added
  7. Traps added (spikes, turrets, and loose boulders)
  8. Light puzzle mechanics started


  1. Debugging menus updated
  2. Music transitions fixed. Object music temps stop when they are no long longer active
  3. Continuous sound objects (campfire) fixed. They now stop playing before they leave the view.
  4. Hover selection bug fixed
  5. Map drawing fixed
  6. Resource masks updated
  7. Structure masks updated
  8. Dungeon puzzle mechanics updated


  1. Player dash function implemented (hold down left mouse near waypoint)
  2. Bridge-building restarted
  3. Build menu updated: Structure and Pathing pages started
  4. Moving platforms implemented
  5. Cave border spawning bug fixed
  6. Main-hand and offhand equipment slots added
  7. Resource sprite bugs fixed


  1. Input string-end added
  2. Platforms updated to have a potential 4 stops instead of 2
  3. Boat water-effect bug fixed
  4. Item storage implemented with Warehouse GUI
  5. Item examines added to mouse string
  6. Item sorting implemented
  7. Item rarity added
  8. 20+ items added

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