AGE Update Log (May 2018)


  1. Item value, weight, and total value/weight sorts implemented
  2. Implemented inventory changing on item storage screen (based on selected character)
  3. Deposit entire inventory button added
  4. Number string functions implemented (commas and abbreviations)
  5. Item index changes based on quantity (for certain items)
  6. Building item requirements added
  7. Structure build page updated
  8. Build-GUI animation implemented
  9. Transports build page added


  1. Train/mine cart transport system started
  2. Crew editing/swapping updated. Crew randomization implemented
  3. Name generator created


  1. Shop GUI started
  2. Island generation enhanced to contain multiple mini-islands in an area
  3. Water sprites updated and animation effects implemented
  4. Mountain sprites updated


  1. Mountain sprites further updated
  2. Water circular corners added
  3. ESC to pause game and open pause menu
  4. Confirm menu transition implemented
  5. Settings GUI updated
  6. Water setting option implemented
  7. Weather setting option implemented
  8. Shadow Setting option implemented
  9. Ground setting option implemented
  10. Interface setting options implemented
  11. Notification setting options implemented
  12. Elements added
  13. GUI sprites updated
  14. Craft GUI animation implemented
  15. GUI reset animations updated (now close properly when opening a different GUI)
  16. Dojo started
  17. Lightning effect added
  18. Skilling craft bugs fixed


  1. Moves added
  2. Creature database started
  3. Dojo building updated
  4. Interface sprites updated
  5. Party tabs updated


  1. Screen interface borders redesigned
  2. Action bar updated
  3. Party tab updated
  4. Crew member GUI updated
  5. In-game user hub updated


  1. Crew GUI extensive updates
  2. Menu GUI extensive updates
  3. Circular progress bar implemented
  4. Tutorial system implemented
  5. Map loading now done piece by piece, and is depicted doing so
  6. Research Facility started


  1. Loading screen revamped
  2. Critical hits implemented
  3. Races added
  4. Discover and achievement pages updated
  5. Walking and weather sound effect placeholders swapped out
  6. Bird and cricket ambiences added to day and night


  1. A handful of sprite placeholders swapped out
  2. A handful of sound placeholders swapped out


  1. Bug: Object activation near room edges fixed by activating larger area if necessary
  2. Bug: Crew entering transport end their paths and no longer draw their shadows
  3. Water reflections added to large water border sprites
  4. All item sprite placeholders swapped out


  1. Added rain effect to intro
  2. Implemented fading in and out for weather ambience
  3. Changed build mechanics in an effort to make it more convenient
  4. Bug: Water enemy movement
  5. Bug: Cave-exit sprite fixed
  6. Bug: Custom world random generation removed


  1. Updated building asset names/groups for convenience
  2. Implemented interface button transitions
  3. Implemented basic crew image draws while in transports


  1. Implemented full screen option
  2. Reduced processing power required by water reflections
  3. General performance improved by reducing overall function calls
  4. Dialogue screen focus implemented
  5. Keyboard player movement started
  6. Dismiss-all button implemented (right-click normal dismiss)
  7. Fonts updated

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