AGE Update Log (June 2018)


  1. A few building placeholder assets swapped out
  2. Reflection-specific sprites started
  3. Craft & Build interfaces updated
  4. Button hover effect implemented


  1. World map updated and player/HQ world coordinates added. Region capitals also added
  2. Menu functionality updated to be less buggy and more straight-forward
  3. Cursor updated to change based on the type of object hovered
  4. Building entrance animation, sound and coordinates implemented
  5. Keyboard player movement updated
  6. Town/area notification updated
  7. Island map interface updated and mini-map enhanced to show the water/mountain layout of entire areas
  8. Auto-retaliation implemented
  9. Bug: Object reflection opacity was lessened when being reflected by the same water as a crew member


  1. Path/Road/Track/Bridge/Wall building implemented with snap and rotate features
  2. Track transport system implementation started
  3. Headquarters placeholder sprites swapped out
  4. Input string animation updated
  5. Added game options screen prior to starting game
  6. Non-active crew now draw the proper animations
  7. Crew follower pathing updated
  8. Updated object hover/clicked effects with alpha transitions
  9. HP/Charge/Build status bars updated and are no longer drawn in front of GUIs
  10. GUIs closed when attacked or in combat
  11. Health gauge added to party panel
  12. Bug: enabled pathing toward bridge coordinates that meet with a water border object


  1. ‘Mission’ page (now known as ‘Influence’) and ‘Statistic’ page updated
  2. Error message notification implementation started
  3. Gate building mechanics implemented


  1. Error checking for inventory space and weight capacity
  2. Option to rearrange item bars and ability bars off-screen by pressing on a slot, then releasing on a new slot
  3. Number > string with comma(s) conversion function fixed to accommodate numbers of any size
  4. Volume settings implemented (game, music, gui)


  1. Mechanics to add/remove track transport stopping points and directional switches implemented
  2. Object modification interface started


  1. NPC movement system reworked to make AI pathing look smoother – followers now space out properly and NPC attack-target tracking simplified using the same technique
  2. Intro event bugs fixed and mechanics updated (AI combat now begins properly)
  3. Interaction drop-down list aesthetics updated
  4. World map animation started and travel options updated
  5. Total discovery and achievement progress strings added to their respective interfaces. Debugging also displays all entries as if they were already discovered/achieved
  6. Bug: Discovery log now updates upon player interaction. It is also updated regardless of notification settings


  1. World map tracking animation enhanced
  2. Intro event redesign started: area layout is now hand-placed and AI actions further updated in accordance to the event’s progress point
  3. Event completion interface started
  4. Event narration strings added


  1. Crew discovery page with known crews (including your own) added
  2. Crew lore added
  3. Paragraphing w/ indentations implemented
  4. Universal scrollbar string function implemented
  5. Custom flag interface implemented with potentially infinite combinations given that the number of parts are not currently limited. 12+ part shapes (x4 with axis flipping options), 12+ colors, and x number of parts. For a 10-part flag, the number of possible combinations would be 69,120 (576 for each shape; 6,912 for each part).
  6. Event narration and event completion transitions implemented
  7. Intro event updated and NPC attack-targeting bug(s) fixed
  8. Crew name generator implemented


  1. Processing efficiency for line-based strings enhanced tremendously by only iterating through the string upon the initial request instead of each step
  2. Mapping movement-tracking boundaries updated
  3. Travel mechanics re-implemented and travel results page added to display voyage results (including random encounters that may have occurred and how many supplies were used)
  4. Flag creation page aesthetics updated


  1. Flag color palette options updated with a total of 30 colors to choose from and implemented the option to choose from more flag base shapes
  2. Crew creation interface aesthetics updated and bugs fixed, color palette added to the interface to change hair colors, added more skin tone options using a specific palette and fixed the inconsistency between arm and facial tones
  3. Re-roll button added for initial character creation
  4. Crew trade and element types added
  5. Character trait icon placeholders swapped out
  6. Event completion rewards added
  7. Dialogue mechanics and aesthetics updated


  1. Game logo updated
  2. Confirmation window updated
  3. Button sound/sprite bugs fixed
  4. Daily challenges implemented


  1. Dialogue aesthetics & performance enhanced
  2. Island-claiming interface updated
  3. Loot interface updated
  4. Examine/Discover/Achievement notification mechanics updated
  5. Discovery stats implemented (NPCs defeated, buildings created, etc)
  6. All species icon sprites swapped out
  7. All crew portrait sprites swapped out
  8. Ground textures swapped out
  9. Water sprites swapped out and blending fixed
  10. Removed unused placeholder GUI assets from game package and cleaned up sprite folder organizational structure


  1. Daily challenge progress notification implemented
  2. Daily challenges #1-4 functioning
  3. Hover text updated
  4. In-game navigation button sprites updated/moved and total buttons halved by merging destinations, also hotkeys were implemented
  5. Item-bar and ability-bar hotkeys implemented
  6. Main hub layout redesigned to include a settings page in the primary navigation options
  7. Settings interface divided into 4 subsections (Controls, Graphics, Volume, Displays)
  8. Ability bar transition implemented
  9. Pesky farming bugs fixed; plant cures now function properly and crop harvesting no longer crashes the game
  10. Achievement sprites swapped out
  11. Objects that may block other objects from view now gradually become transparent when the player object is located behind them


  1. Water animation updated
  2. Map hotkey implemented
  3. In-game navigation button transitions implemented
  4. Procedural generation layout chunk function implemented (this creates larger areas of water or mountains with randomized borders around them)


  1. Page-saving variables implemented for the in-game hub, creation menus, and character huds (when you switch between pages, you will return to the sub-page you last visited on that particular menu when you open it again, with a few exceptions)
  2. Command page started and creation menu page transitions enhanced
  3. Ground textures updated
  4. Dungeon boundary sprites implemented using recolored mountain boundaries
  5. Water color now varies based on the area’s biome
  6. Simple bordered number string function implemented (reducing the number of draws per step)

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