AGE Update Log (July 2018)


  1. Mountain spawning enhanced tremendously, sprites updated, and layers implemented
  2. Waterfall animation created and mechanics started using a particle system
  3. Face sprites swapped out with an additional 8 choices & 10 additional skin tones
  4. Hair sprites swapped out with an additional 17 choices
  5. Added NPC moods
  6. Added town/city trade(s)
  7. Character creation stat increase/decrease buttons implemented
  8. Mission scrollbar function performance updated
  9. Camera mechanics rewritten
  10. Implemented custom window border with drag capabilities (press and hold near the top of the game window and move the mouse to adjust the window position)


  1. Waterfall particle system performance updated, water flow sound added with distancing transition, and conditions implemented to ensure the water particles flow to a nearby water object
  2. Water rebound particle system implemented for objects that walk through waterfall streams
  3. Stream reflections implemented using surfaces
  4. Objects floating in water are now properly drawn in 2 different parts – the part above water and the transparent part below water
  5. Objects in water now have a particle effect between their two drawn components
  6. Transport objects now draw the back part of the sprite, then the character icons in the transport, and finally the front part of the sprite
  7. Boat transport reflections updated and fixed crew draw coordinates/reflections while in a transport
  8. Re-implemented weather system using a particle system instead of extra objects
  9. Added mountain inclines for the sides and backs of mountains
  10. Fixed mountain layer-2 bottom boundaries; if they drop directly to layer-1, an additional boundary is added where layer-1 would have been


  1. Reflection blending bug fixed so that reflections properly overlap each other with their original opacity
  2. Updated pathing boundaries while in water to prevent the moving object’s sprite from overlapping with land
  3. Window repositioning bug fixed (shakiness eliminated entirely by repositioning prior to drawing application surface)


  1. Mouse-based movement updated while in water transport: searches for closest available position if target position is out-of-bounds


  1. Implemented waterfalls/streams traveling up, left and right
  2. Implemented ability to build inclines on certain mountain objects
  3. Crew shadow angle and skeleton blending fixed
  4. Light source radius updated and shadow blending fixed
  5. Light source altered by mountains based on elevation variable (if light source origin elevation is less than mountain elevation: blacken mountain top)
  6. Objects affected by a light source (other than the sun) are now blackened if they are in front of the light source, and cleared if behind the light source)
  7. Smoothed out transition for shadows cast by the sun as it turns from day to night (or vice versa)
  8. Fog foreground re-implemented using a particle system


  1. Purged unused assets/folders and other general housekeeping
  2. Mountain boundary sprites updated and molding script improved
  3. New scenery variants added (small grass, mushrooms and flowers), scenery clusters implemented, and older scenery sprites swapped out
  4. Ground textures swapped out with increased variety and procedural generation script updated
  5. Replaced fog foreground layer occurrences (main menu and inside dungeons) with new fog particle system, also replaced start-up screen weather effects with the new weather particle system
  6. Dungeon generation bugs fixed and rework started
  7. Main menu background animations implemented (clouds drifting behind cliff, basic water movements, and waterfall effects using partciles)


  1. Debug menu updated and reorganized for convenience
  2. Updated shadow-light source detection
  3. Dungeon generation rework finalized so that dungeons are generated directly following the same process in which islands are
  4. Main menu GUI components updated and scaled for a more appropriate fit


  1. Dungeon generation rework continued (dungeon boss and light puzzle spawning fixed)
  2. Fixed light source shadow clearing/blending for objects affected based on their relative y-position to the light source
  3. Settlement road/walkway layout sprites swapped out with shippable assets and had their boundary draw logic updated
  4. Restructured logic to allow for the possibility of more than 1 settlement to be generated per island
  5. Wall layout sprites swapped out and positioning updated
  6. Implemented settlement wall borders (currently just creates a rectangle of walls around the settlement, except in occupied positions)
  7. All resource sprites swapped out and/or updated with shippable assets
  8. Added GUI element shadows to main menu screen
  9. Performance updated by presetting draw groups at the beginning of each step rather than looping through all of those respective objects multiple times per step


  1. Implemented water-based resources
  2. Mountain textures now change color based on the biome
  3. Specified objects can now spawn on top of mountains (currently just mineral resources)
  4. Water boundary sprites swapped out with shippable assets using new indexed sprite structure
  5. Water ripple effect replaced using particles
  6. Campfire particle effect implemented
  7. Added crew markers/indicators to map view
  8. World generation speed enhanced significantly by rewriting the layout-object update script and updating sprite assets accordingly
  9. Sidetracked for hours after a seemingly random infinite loop kept popping up while moving the character around (following the previous bullet’s performance updates); the culprit appears to have been nested for-loops using iterators of the same name while drawing shadows. Despite the loss of time, the general performance seems to be better than ever!


  1. Path and bridge sprites updated with new indexed sprite structure and added a handful of new base types for each
  2. Path and bridge random generation script enhanced tremendously while also becoming substantially more flexible and easier to work with (can now pass starting coordinates and permit the path to fork out into different segments)


  1. Path chunk generation script implementation started using the recently added sprite variants
  2. General path adjustments and fixes
  3. Added ship and town markers to map view


  1. Implemented new town name generator
  2. Map object markers are now drawn ordered based on their y value
  3. More path adjustments and fixes based on the recent changes
  4. A few structure sprites swapped out with shippable assets
  5. Started debug input command implementation
  6. Map rework started by rewriting the mapping progression system using more appropriate data structures and drawing it using a surface


  1. Critical improvements to the crew skeleton animation function
  2. Reformatted crew skeleton sprites
  3. North and south-facing crew sprites added and implemented
  4. Crew skeleton movement animation fully implemented
  5. Added 10 default body sprite variants to choose from


  1. A number of bugs fixed pertaining to the crew skeleton updates and removal of their placeholder sprites
  2. Implementation for north and south-facing sprite variants continued (rather than only showing side-facing sprites, the character sprites will now appear to face upwards or downwards based on their current direction)
  3. North and south-facing movement animations implemented
  4. Character creation page updated to accommodate the recent changes and provide more unique options
  5. Character appearance randomization button added to creation interface
  6. Color selection function updated and significantly more color options added
  7. Character belt sprites added and implemented
  8. Equipment slot sprites swapped out and item equipping functionality fixed
  9. Ground effect during NPC movement reworked using a particle system and changes appearance based on the environment


  1. Physique, beard and eye color options added and implemented
  2. Character creation screen updates continued (primarily an additional page added for general information such as gender, height, and physique)
  3. Long-sleeve shirts added to basic shirt options, and a number of hair styles / beard styles added
  4. A character that is moving upwards while facing the side is now drawn partially as if they were facing directly north (the character will now visually turn in 6 different directions; up, down, top/bottom left and top/bottom right)


  1. Boat directional sprites added and implemented (now visually changes to 4 different directions; left, right, up and down)
  2. Crew flag with custom design is now drawn with your crew’s ship
  3. Foot sprite variants added/updated for proper directional appearances and can now display bare feet; leg sprites also updated with north-facing variants
  4. Character scars/markings added and implemented
  5. Character draw performance enhanced tremendously by creating each individual skeleton animation as single sprites on object creation (this also fixes shadow and reflection character bugs)
  6. Character movement animation completed with arm & hand rotations


  1. A number of tool sprites added and implemented into the character animations (ax, pickax, hammer, fishing rod, and a jagged blade)
  2. North-side-facing image index added for each hair & beard sprite variant
  3. Attack, gather, build and death animation implementations started
  4. Crew icons are now drawn as a single custom sprite
  5. Ship appearance variations now each have a custom sprite, based on direction and whether or not it is currently occupied
  6. Crew flag animation implemented based on the current wind conditions
  7. Character creation interface aesthetic/functionality updates continued, also flag creation interface updated and randomization button added
  8. Character-specific race, gender, and height implementations (race may determine skin tone options or potential min/max height)
  9. Area border generation reworked (removed 1152×1152 objects)

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