AGE Update Log (August 2018)


  1. Main menu updated and primary button list availability limited based on user progress (both still need work), also crew creation interface changes to suit the opening sequence basis
  2. Opening/introduction sequence structure updated and starting area map started from scratch
  3. Tutorial graphical assets created and implemented
  4. Various sprites/animations pertaining to the opening/introduction sequence created and implemented


  1. Character creation intro sequence updated with an NPC exchanging dialogue with you using a typewriter animation
  2. AI in-game task/dialogue ordering for the opening sequence started
  3. Machine race base sprites added/implemented
  4. Combat dummy, water fountain, and torch animations created/implemented
  5. A few static structure sprites added with new room-objects for each
  6. Starting area custom surface map started from scratch


  1. Opening sequence task/dialogue ordering implementation continued
  2. Character personalities and personality traits implemented with a graph display in the character creation interface
  3. Character animation debugging interface implemented to aid in the process of creating smoother animation values in the future
  4. Quick-start debug button added to game start-up interface for convenience
  5. Spike trap assets swapped out and a number of new structure objects created
  6. Basic raft transport sprites created
  7. Game title display animation recreated


  1. View zooming implemented with 5 different scales of zoom (Object GUI-coordinate translations reformatted based on the level of zoom)
  2. Building customization interface started (you will be able to set certain styles and features for each building, along with color options for various parts of their sprites)
  3. Crew flag will now display on your buildings
  4. New building door animation implementation to make door customization possible
  5. Extensive performance optimization updates; reduced the number of objects active at a time and eliminated the object ordering loops


  1. User ship object display added to main menu interface
  2. Performance optimization updates/fixes continued; dynamic shadows and reflections completely reworked, using far less draw calls than before (both of which could still benefit from further optimization)
  3. The map and mini-map are each created as single sprites during an area’s initial load


  1. Wrapped up dynamic shadow & reflection reworks
  2. Restructured object/surface draw order
  3. Compressed boundary sub sprites into new custom sprites for better performance
  4. Placed a number of larger sprite assets into texture groups and implemented texture flushing at the start of new rooms to help maximize performance
  5. Water particle effects enhanced (may be one of the coolest things I have ever done without meaning to)
  6. Dialogue windows now scale more appropriately based on the amount of text
  7. Enemy NPC color randomization variable implemented
  8. WASD movement control setting progress continued
  9. Tree depletion animation created, and tree degradation particle effects added


  1. Performance optimization continued (more texture groups added, and certain texture groups are now drawn together to minimize the number of texture page swaps) and countless performance-related bugs fixed
  2. Numerous tree depletion animations added with updated masks
  3. Dialogue interface rework continued
  4. Map custom sprite updated
  5. Attack timing bug fixed and farming interaction bug fixed (both originated as the result of new custom character sprites)
  6. Light source shadow radius now displays with a gradient
  7. Hover object animation recreated


  1. Menu background water animation updated with particles
  2. Flooding effect mechanics started


  1. Flooding effect mechanics continued
  2. Opening sequence continued and a few error integrity checks implemented
  3. A handful of sound/ambience effects added/implemented (walking for dirt/wood/concrete, wind, water submergence, water colliding, lever use)


  1. View shake effect implemented to simulate an earthquake
  2. Flooding effect mechanics continued; solid structures are now physically affected by a collision with the flood
  3. Rock gathering particle system effect added
  4. Object water-movement particles added with sound effect


  1. Light source ellipse gradient created


  1. General bug fixes (most notably object GUI coordinates readjust properly based on zoom scale)
  2. Opening sequence progress continued (now properly transition to a randomized island that you will claim as your initial headquarters)


  1. Light source radius now affected by mountains again using the new shadow functions
  2. All object GUI coordinates updated with new adjustment functions
  3. Structures are now set to be movable/immovable by flooding upon creation, varying based on the specific structure
  4. Flooding object movement and effects updated
  5. Opening sequence continued (crew-mate now instructs you to check for hostiles and  find an area to build your first headquarters)

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