AGE Update Log (September 2018)


  1. Light sources that overlap now blend more appropriately, and mountain/cave light source adjustments improved
  2. Mountain/cave colors updated to be more distinct
  3. Flood effect improvements continued (collision particles added)
  4. Claim-banner structure object added (used for claiming new islands)
  5. If an NPC is hidden by a larger object, it will now be outlined in yellow
  6. Opening sequence foundation logic fully completed


  1. Mouse string (hovered entity) expansion transition implemented
  2. 7 new biomes added, and individual biome appearances randomized/altered for each world to increased variety even further
  3. Biome selection options added to main menu prior to map load
  4. Tsunami animation created
  5. Wormhole particle system animation created
  6. Electricity conductor structure added
  7. Wall sprite positioning/depth issue fixed and converted to a single indexed sprite for future convenience
  8. Dialogue windows updated and response buttons changed to display entire strings
  9. Started unique NPC comments/phrases to use during dialogue based on their personalities


  1. First official enemy created (with boss variant)
  2. Custom areas are now expanded with room for randomly generated exteriors (the custom object placements are moved to the center)
  3. Space station cut-scene created and space station room/area started
  4. Room progress bar changed to a progress pie
  5. Several nightmare bugs fixed


  1. Bug fixes involving backgrounds, light sources, and camera views
  2. Space station room layout/effects/ambience continued; a handful of new objects created for the area
  3. Wormhole transition implemented into the opening sequence with sound effect
  4. Cave flooding waterfall particle effects implemented 
  5. Interface restructuring started


  1. Party tab moved to top-left corner, and navigation buttons moved to the top-right
  2. Dreadful world-loading bugs fixed (until the next time…)
  3. Character sprite distortion particles added to wormhole cut-scene
  4. Custom NPC creation implementation started


  1. Flooding object generation and performance improved
  2. Randomized NPC generation/spawning implemented


  1. Space station sequence logical objective flow implemented
  2. Structure objects affected by flooding updated to appear partially in the water using a particle system, flooded mountain/cave objects also now use a particle system similar to standard water objects
  3. Character custom sprite creations only carried out when specifically required, and are properly deleted when transitioning between rooms (the former reduces initial loading time and the latter helps to minimize memory usage)
  4. Layout object sprites updated to appear less blocky
  5. Mountain/cave boundaries updated


  1. Randomized water depths implemented
  2. Bridge support columns now blend with water
  3. Path/bridge object end-pieces are now drawn appropriately
  4. Particles for NPCs and transports that are located in water updated
  5. Waterfall implementation revamp started using a custom sprite, allowing for curvature and all-around better looking water flow
  6. Weather particles updated


  1. Waterfall rework continued
  2. Various bug fixes / performance updates pertaining to the recent changes
  3. Started massive rework to the way area layouts are generated (should save performance, while also replacing the 96×96 objects with larger, custom ones with increased curvatures using a similar technique to the waterfall rework)


  1. Path/Track rework started with important aspects functioning properly (overlapping detection, gradual curvature from point to point, and base-to-bridge transitions)


  1. Path/Track rework continued; support beams generated as a new sprite index, and bridge transitions now generate properly


  1. Path/Track bridge masks updated
  2. Waterfall curvature updated
  3. Water layout objects updated with particle effects mirroring the originals
  4. Area generation sequence reworked to accommodate the new layout generation functions


  1. Area border generation updates continued
  2. Water layout object sprite-merging implemented


  1. New project file created (essentially rewriting 75-80% of the code to manage the general data load better, and to provide more efficient run-times while testing by loading fewer assets on startup). These are some of the most notable rewrites/implementations so far:
    1. Clean, logically-structured debugging interface
    2. Layer and background-layer initialization function written; no longer relying on outdated techniques
    3. Keyboard player movement implementation started as a baseline (rather than using the point-and-click mechanics as before)
    4. Smoother room/interface transitions
    5. Asset and variable names now retain a sense of consistency; texture swaps and unnecessary memory usage from ancient components no longer hinder performance
    6. Shadow, reflection, and weather effects carried over (still needs some work, but the core is there – and functioning infinitely better than before! It is incredible how easy it is to get lost in the clutter of months worth of coding, and how that can make you more susceptible to countless bugs and optimization flaws that would take eons to sort through).
    7. Water particle animations added and custom layout sprites implemented using logic that helps minimize GPU processing

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