AGE Update Log (October 2018)


  1. Blur and reflection shaders implemented for water borders/depth/shadows and object reflections respectively
  2. Player movement collision detection mechanics implemented (finds the next closest collision-free location from the desired direction)
  3. Implemented player interaction using space-bar to target nearest interact-able object
  4. Implemented enemy randomized movement using a variation of the new character movement function; auto-retaliation works and objects will move if their attack target is too far away
  5. Added character skeleton sprite creation functionality; NPCs now all start with a randomized setup, using unique combinations of which you likely will have never seen before
  6. Randomly generated resource sprites implemented
  7. Mountain generation using new sprite creation logic implemented
  8. Added countless functions with updated parameters; most are duplicated from old file, but most are polished in one way or another – sometimes rewritten entirely
  9.  Added input fields and drop-down button lists
  10. Loading status strings display while generating a new area, the purpose of which is to indicate when/where potential crashes occur during the loading process


  1. Custom sprite function calls added for structures and the remaining resource variants
  2. Custom mountain sprite creation improved
  3. Character-view rendering optimized and customized sprites now auto-cropped and flushed/deleted as necessary (with some exceptions here and there)


  1. Movement particles added based on ground being walked on
  2. Memory leaks eliminated after restarting each room (all data structures and custom sprites created using surfaces are now properly removed from memory)
  3. Island map custom sprite created during the initial load, with mapping objects to track the areas you have explored
  4. Varying mountain cliff elevations implemented


  1. Added seasonal changes; the leaves on trees will change in the fall, become covered in snow in the winter, and regrow in the spring
  2. Implemented keyboard controls further: left-click to perform action on nearest available object (or use space-bar), right-click an object to display its possible options, and hold left-shift while moving to run
  3. Implemented the use of setting random seeds to easily return to rooms that were generated a certain way based on the seed
  4. Party/group HUD added, and character adding/removing/switching/following implemented


  1. Fixed/updated GUI sequence functionality, most notably the way notifications work and the drop-down action list for objects that you click on
  2. Smoothed out area loading process to minimize the processing required for each game step
  3. Implemented water travel using the new movement controls
  4. Rewrote logic to generate path sprites to allow for preset starting and ending points


  1. Mountain inclines implemented when overlapped by a path object
  2. Members in your party that are following you will aid you in any actions that your perform
  3. Loading sequence updates (continued to divide each part of an area’s initial load into smaller and smaller parts)
  4. Huge improvements to light source shadow drawing

10/1 7-23/2018

  1. Implemented custom sprite saving & loading for all objects to limit memory space required
  2. Updated loading sequence to perform less generation functions each step, based on the total number of objects being generated
  3. Further optimized calculation & rendering performance for each game step
  4. Updated loading screen to have party character sprites fade in as the world is generated, and display a faded map overview once the sequence is complete
  5. Water and mountain sprite merging/blending updated


  1. Transition effects added, and resolved active view bugs
  2. Ground surface drawing added with new ground-based scenery objects
  3. Resolved path generation bugs with fixed starting and ending points
  4. Water border sprite generation updated to increase the POV aesthetic
  5. Item sprite generation and inventory system started
  6. The leaves on trees now animate using particles to simulate a breeze


  1. Transport sprites now drawn with occupant characters
  2. Various layout object sprite bugs sorted out
  3. Ship color variations implemented
  4. Sprites updates for boat, mountain, and path objects when located in water
  5. Path support beams added
  6. Achievement system added
  7. Loading screen transition and displays updated
  8. Implemented ship customizations (hull, rudder, keel, mast, rigging, emblem, etc)


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