AGE Update Log (November 2018)


  1. Zoom implemented
  2. Ship generation variety logic implemented
  3. Ship builder interface implemented
  4. Building builder interface implemented


  1. Sprite texture blending functions implemented
  2. Discovery interface and stats started
  3. Builder/editor functionality continued
  4. Ship frame material options implemented
  5. Discovery log base implementation added
  6. Scrollbar surfaces implemented


  1. Challenges implemented with notification displays for updates
  2. Temporary page saving implemented (returns you to the page you were last on for a particular section of the interface)
  3. Added notification display settings
  4. Editor interfaces updated
  5. Building editor functionality progressed significantly
  6. Emblem customization functionality improved
  7. Button hovered transitions implemented
  8. Water area borders extended with minimal performance impact


  1. Path bridge outlines fixed
  2. Huge improvements to world-surface draw order
  3. Minecart transportation system implemented using path objects as a track base


  1. Building editor functionality continued
  2. Hub GUI aesthetic & functionality improvements


  1. Item/inventory functions updated (no longer using randomly generated items)
  2. User item storage implemented (alongside storage display and sort functions)
  3. Huge improvements to world drawing aesthetics, particularly mountains


  1. Scrollbar functions now fully functional
  2. Character sprite creation updated significantly
  3. World layout generation logic updated using new sequences to increase loading times and reduce crash potential during larger generations


  1. World layout generation updated to generate smooth border variations
  2. Stream generation started
  3. Water depth effects enhanced
  4. Character inventory and ability data-accessing fixed, also respective displays updated
  5. Combat bugs fixed and sequencing updated
  6. Hotkeys added for party switching
  7. Assignment/Mission interface started


  1. Mountain shadows added and sub-elevation mask indexes implemented
  2. General shadow calculations updated


  1. Scrollbar functions fixed (now appropriately glide up/down with interface transition)
  2. Numerous character editor options added, and rotatable preview implemented
  3. Character sprite generation now loaded in as required, rather than all at once at the start of each character initialization
  4. Transition effects implemented for object status bars
  5. Character ability data added and ability bar editing implementation started
  6. User can now preset party characters in the character editor
  7. User can now also preset ability bar loadout in the character editor
  8. Keyboard input fixes/updates
  9. Function implemented to allow user to search an item collection using specific input


  1. Crew overall statistics (total values, averages, and min/max values) display page added with graph presentations
  2. Building types added

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