Aqua Grand Enigma


Some-hundred years after the modern age, the remainder of humanity is locked in a perpetual orbit around Mars, struggling to ration the few supplies left available to them. Earth is uninhabitable after years of neglect and Mars colonization attempts only gave rise to more issues. The lead scientists aboard the station are faced with the daunting task of restoring Earth to its former state as a means of acquiring seeds with minimal toxicity. Supporting a population of about ten-thousand, concerns that the current food supply will last less than a decade have started to stir some commotion and unrest.

Due to the extreme conditions on Earth’s surface, the only method of reaching it is to transmit your consciousness to a BIO-POD located inside a secured host facility on the ground. The process is irreversible, and those that volunteer are either seeking thrills or are in search of a deeper purpose to their existence. Presently, only one host facility remains in operation, as the materials needed to create such a technology have been inaccessible for some time. If something were to happen to it, all hope would then rest in the hands of the few that already converted.

It is estimated that there are only 150 active BIO humans. Each is equipped with unique skills designed to hasten the restoration process. These super-human abilities place them at the top of the food chain, which can make abuse of such powers seem insignificant. Of the group that is active, a handful no longer support the cause – either choosing to fight against humanity’s attempts to avoid extinction, or to live out their days in isolation.

Aside from the human entities, the planet is booming with strange, new lifeforms that have adapted to suit the new environments. The population of non-human intelligent life greatly outnumbers that of humans, and they tend to be quite hostile when their way of life is threatened. However, each colony is different – some are completely unaware that the human race even exists.

The process of purifying the planet includes simple actions such as removing toxic plant life, detoxifying polluted bodies of water, and breeding crops to produce food with gradually lower toxicity levels over time. With so few human volunteers, a decade is far from enough time to generate an adequate amount of food for those still living on the station. Researchers are aware of this predicament and, as a result, priority has shifted to pinpointing the coordinates of an island chain known as the Phantom Cluster.

The Phantom Cluster is rumored to sustain an inhabitable, uncontaminated, human-friendly atmosphere. It is the topic of much controversy, as many people dismiss it as fiction or an unimaginative propaganda strategy used to maintain order. Others fear that, if it does exist, rebel groups have already seized control of the area and could be in the midst of sabotaging its precious research value. Despite the availability of basic satellite technologies, there is no concrete evidence of these islands existing. Optimists argue that it is enclosed within a reflective doom, creating the illusion that there is nothing but open ocean.



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